Playing with mud for a living, it feels right so maybe I've found my place?


I am a small town country girl raised on a farm, with a huge imagination and penchant for creativity.  I knew early on that I wanted to be in a creative field and work with my hands.  In high school art classes I was introduced to a variety of media but found clay to be the most interesting.  After graduating high school, I studied Interior Design at Virginia Tech and graduated in May 1999.  After college my first job was with an interior design firm in Fredericksburg, VA.  Then I got into designing floor systems for home builders through local lumber yards and eventually landed a position as an architectural designer and drafter with an engineering firm in Fredericksburg.  I enjoyed my time working with clients plannning and designing spaces but something was still missing...


Knowing my need to fulfill my creative drive and curiosity in clay, my husband surprised me with a birthday gift of pottery classes at Liberty Town Arts Workshop, and there is where I finally found my true love!


Since then we have moved to back Blacksburg (Go Hokies!), where I held a position as a graphic artist until my yearning to go full time into pottery became too strong to deny!


So here I am, Dashing Dog Studio, no fancy titles, no great art degree, no prestigious awards, just doing my own thing.  I hope you enjoy my pottery as much as I enjoy the process of creating it.